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What is Riding to the Moon?

Riding to the Moon is a long-distance adventure motorcycle ride from Los Angeles, California to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, the southernmost permanent settlement in the world. Through deserts and jungles, over rushing rivers and snowy mountain passes, along smooth asphalt roads and rutted muddy dirt roads, from sea-level to the majestic heights of the Andes, dual-sport Kawasaki motorcycles will carry the riders to the fabled end of the road.

The ride will be undertaken by five friends - David Baumgarten, Alex Bisarello, Gary Kout, Jason Martin, and Jim Sowers - who wish to combine their love of life, motorcycling, and travel. Quadrilingual and multinational, the group possesses the diverse skills and talents necessary to successfully complete this long, adventurous journey.

The ride begins early November of 1996 in the United States and will continue through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina. When all of the riders reach Ushuaia, approximately 4 months and 14,000 miles later, the Riding to the Moon Intercontinental Motorcycle Benefit Expedition will be successfully completed.

We are looking for a book deal where most of the proceeds would go to these charities. Please contact us for the rights to do publish. Also,, if you quote us use our photo’s for anything, please send us a donation made out to the charities so we can record it and pass it on. Thanks!

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